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Center of Entrepreneurship

A Centre of Entrepreneurship (CoE) is a domain-specific specialized incubation facility for start-ups in the area of emerging technologies where the highest-standards and best-practices in terms of infrastructure, technology, leadership, mentoring, training, research & development, funding, networking for the given focus area is made available.

The Government of India has a special emphasis on start-ups & entrepreneurship. Accordingly, the Start-up India initiative was announced by Hon'ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi during his independence day address on 15th August 2015 from the Red Fort. Subsequently, the action plan was taken-up

Blockchain offers solutions that are efficient and effective at lower scale and benefit small businesses and provide them with increased access to more diverse funding options. Innovative FinTech products can be better tailored to the needs of the SMEs. These include marketplace lending, merchant and e-commerce finance, Invoice finance, online supply chain finance and online trade finance.

By reducing information asymmetry in the marketplace, FinTech is not only improving the ability to match investors, lenders and borrowers but providing a more level playing field that allows retail investors to have greater participation in the market. FinTech is allowing people to conduct transactions though their mobile phone or tablets, improving efficiency and the customer experience.

Financial Technology (or) FinTech has the potential to unleash a new era of competition, innovation and job creating productivity in the economy. FinTech is not just about digitising money, it's about monetising data.

Facilities & Services

  • 100 Ready-to-work Plug & Play space.
  • Access to APIs, payment gateways and sandbox environment of Partner Bank.
  • Sandbox environment of NPCI.
  • CANVAS Technology of M/s.Intellect
  • Technical mentoring & support.
  • Access to financial resources (angel funding, seed fund, VC etc)
  • Access & support towards networking & marketing activities.
  • A comprehensive screening process in the form of Hackathons and Business/Idea Challenge etc. will be conducted for the selection of the best start-ups.

Chief Mentor


श्री पंकज ठाकर

संस्थापक और मुख्य संरक्षक @ पैडअप वेंचर्स

The Chief Mentor will be associated with all activities and be the guiding light & anchor for the CoE.

Head of CoE


श्री रजनीश अग्रवाल

निदेशक, एसटीपीआई-नोएडा

The Chief Mentor will be associated with all activities and be the guiding light & anchor for the CoE.



To provide complete handholding & support to innovative start-ups & entrepreneurs in working in FinTech. The services shall include access to all technical resources (including tools, technologies & technical mentorship) as well as marketing support and financial support.

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