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Center of Entrepreneurship, Chennai

Location: Chennai is an ideal location to setup "COE in FinTech" for various factors like i) It has legacy of home grown infotech companies which provide financial services and the presence of back offices for bank transactions give Chennai an inbuilt advantage to position itself as Financial a hub. ii) It has a transaction volume which serves 900 million people across the World through Back office operation. iii) several large financial companies and insurance companies are headquartered here iv) the city has a fully computerized stock exchange called the Madras Stock Exchange etc.

Partners: Partners include STPI, MeitY, State Government and others. Intellect Design Arena shall be the industry & knowledge partner, Yes Bank is proposed to be the "Partner Bank", Pontaq-UK shall be Funding Partner which has committed funding support of $2 Million as seed fund to start-ups of Fintech COE. Other Partners include National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI), Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Indian Institute of Technology – Madras, TiE Chennai, Torus, RBS, PayPal etc.

Target Beneficiaries: The CoE in FinTech intends to support & nurture 58 start-ups over a period of five years who would develop products and/or services around "FinTech".

Duration: The CoE is proposed to be operational for five years from the date of its launch.

Budget and Source of Funding: The Total Budgetary outlay has been worked out to be of Rs. 24.45 Crores (Approximate). This consists of Capital Expenditure of Rs 3.16 (Approximate) Crore and Recurring expenditure of Rs 7.67 Crores (Approximate). These will be met from contributions from MeitY, STPI and Govt of TN. As mentioned above, Pontaq-UK shall provide funding support of $2 Million i.e. Rs. 13.63 Crore (Approximate) as seed fund.

Facilities & Services

  • 100 Ready-to-work Plug & Play space.
  • Access to APIs, payment gateways and sandbox environment of Partner Bank.
  • Sandbox environment of NPCI.
  • CANVAS Technology of M/s.Intellect
  • Technical mentoring & support.
  • Access to financial resources (angel funding, seed fund, VC etc)
  • Access & support towards networking & marketing activities.
  • A comprehensive screening process in the form of Hackathons and Business/Idea Challenge etc. will be conducted for the selection of the best start-ups.

Chief Mentor


श्री अरुण जैन

Chairman & CEO, Intellect Design Arena & Founder, Polaris

The Chief Mentor will be associated with all activities and be the guiding light & anchor for the CoE.

Head of CoE


श्री संजय त्यागी

निदेशक, एसटीपीआई - चेन्नई

The Chief Mentor will be associated with all activities and be the guiding light & anchor for the CoE.



To provide complete handholding & support to innovative start-ups & entrepreneurs in working in FinTech. The services shall include access to all technical resources (including tools, technologies & technical mentorship) as well as marketing support and financial support.

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