Form No. Format Checklist
15-F-01 (Application for setting up a STP unit)DownloadKBDownloadKB
15-F-04 (Approval for Import - STP Unit)DownloadDownload
15-F-05 (Approval for Import - EHTP Unit)DownloadDownload
15-F-06 (DTA Sales Permission - EHTP)DownloadDownload
15-F-06 (DTA Sales Permission - STP)DownloadDownload
15-F-07 (CG Enhancement - STP)DownloadDownload
15-F-07 (LOP Extension - STP)DownloadDownload
15-F-08 (CG Enhancement - EHTP)DownloadDownload
15-F-09 (Form A)DownloadDownload
15-F-10 (Form B)DownloadDownload
15-F-11 (CST Reimbursement)DownloadDownload
15-F-12 (Chartered Accountant Certificate)Download 
15-F-13 (Performance) DebondingDownloadDownload
15-F-13(Debonding of STP/EHTPunit)Download 
15-F-14 (Monthly Progress Report)Download 
15-F-15 (Quarterly Progress Report - EHTP)Download 
15-F-16A (Feedback)Download 
15-F-17 (Annual Progress Report - STP) Download 
15-F-21 (Annual Progress Report - EHTP)Download 
15-F-22 (Legal Agreement - EHTP)Download 
Agreement - Private STP ParkDownloadDownload
Annual Progress Report - Private STP ParkDownload 
Change of LocationDownload 
Change of Name STP/ EHTPDownload 
Debonding of Capital GoodsDownload 
Destruction of Obsolete Capital GoodsDownload 
EHTP Application FormDownload 
Extension of Operational AreaDownload 
FeedBack FormsDownload 
Import CancellationDownload 
Indigenous Purchase (CT-3)Download 
Inter Unit Transfer / Shifting of CGDownload 
Legal Undertaking - RenewalDownload 
Legal Undertaking of STP SchemeDownloadDownload
NOC for Equipment Installed at Foreign EndDownload 
Partial Debonding of PremisesDownload 
Permission for Supplies to 100% EOUDownload 
Re-Export of Imported Capital Goods Download 
Renewal of DTA Sales Permission Download 
Renewal of Green CardDownload 
SDF FormDownloadDownload
Softex Attestation (EXCEL format)Download 
NON STP Registration ChecklistDownload 
Softex Covering Letter Format AnnexuresDownload 
Softex Form AttestationDownloadDownload
Softex No. Request Letter formatDownloadDownload
Sub - ContractingDownload