STP Detailed Schemes. . .




What is the Registration for ?

For establishing a 100% Export Oriented Unit engaged in development computer software for export.

Following activities are covered under the scheme:

Who can Register:

How to register:

Submit the following documents to the Director, STPI, Guwahati:

In case of an existing unit: 

For cases involving foreign investment

Approval By Whom – How Soon

Sl. No.


Approved by

How Soon


Where value of total imported  capital goods <= Rs.100 crores and foreign investment if any is covered under the automatic route of RBI.

Director STPI

2 weeks


Where value of total imported capital goods > Rs.100 crores and foreign Investment if any is covered under the automatic route of RBI.

IMSC (New Delhi)

2 Months


Cases involving foreign Investment requiring approval FIPB*

FIPB (New Delhi)

2 Months

* Note :Foreign Investment- Automatic Route of RBI

Foreign Investment Upto 100% in IT Industry Permissible. Allotment of shares is against receipt of money. Upper limit of investment is Rs. 600 Crores. RBI to be intimated after allotment.


Terms of Operation

The period of operation is 5 years. It can be further extended to 10 years.

100% EOU Status

Steps to achieve 100% EOU Status under the STP Scheme:

Scale for annual service charges



Up to Rs 50 Lakhs

Rs. 15,000

> Rs. 50 Lakhs & < 3 Crores

Rs. 50,000

> Rs. 3 Crores

Rs. 1.00 lakh

Upon executing the legal agreement, the unit attains the status of 100% export oriented unit under the STP Scheme and it has to fulfill the obligation as set forth in the legal agreement such as, commencement of production within the stipulated period, fulfillment of export obligation etc.

Commencing Operations

STPI will endorse the list for filing with Customs and Central Excise.

License is granted in two weeks.

Forms are available in STPI Guwahati City Centre at Panbazar and in The Earth Station at Borjhar.


How to Export Onsite Consultancy Projects and Sales in Domestic Market

Export of software developed in India :

Sales in Domestic Market :

Use of Computer System for Training(in case of units using imported/duty free goods) 

STP units may also be allowed to use the computer systems for training purpose after obtaining necessary permission from the Assistant Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise subject to export obligation and that no computer terminal shall be installed out side the bonded premises for the purpose.

Debonding of Equipment, Obsolete Equipment

Debonding of Equipment

If an STP unit is not able to utilise the imported equipment /goods, it can re-export or dispose 
them in DTA on payment of applicable duties.

Obsolete Equipment(in case of unit using imported/duty free goods)

The equipment may be disposed off in DTA subject to payment of customs duty on the depreciated value.If such equipment is destroyed with the permission of Assistant Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise, no duty is payable.

Going out of the Scheme

The period of operation for STP unit would normally be 5 Years. The Director, STPI would permit debonding of the STP unit if it has met the export obligation and other conditions of letter of approval.

In case the unit has not fulfilled the Export obligation and other conditions of the letter of approval , the case would be forwarded to the DGFT for taking Penal action for non-fulfillment of the condition of the letter of approval. The units would also be required to pay the customs duty, Central Excise duty and it will be liable for levy of liquidated damages.

What are the Unit’s obligations – Do’s and Don’ts


Apply to STPI for clearance in the following cases


Compliance with rules and regulations

The various steps / procedures / requirements enumerated above are as per the relevant provisions in the rules and regulations mentioned below and the same have to be complied with by the units.